Tom Brady

Tom Brady is a rich man. Long career, supermodel wife, endorsement deals galore. But one of the savviest financial moves Brady made came in a 2010 endorsement deal with Under Armour.

That deal paid Brady with shares in the company, instead of the more traditional annual income. And now, as Under Armour sees unprecedented success with its basketball, golf and training apparel lines, Brady's assets in the company are growing as well.

As The Big Lead detailed, Brady's stock in Under Armour has grown by nearly 800 percent since 2010.

At the time, Forbes described Brady's move as a "shrewd" business deal -- one other athletes would be wise to emulate. Brady took an investment opportunity rather than liquid cash, and he bet on himself and a company he was closely tied to -- and one that, as its most prominent athlete at the time, he could help grow over the years.

Brady has been a very valuable asset to the company, and despite an NFL season dominated by Deflategate, Under Armour is unveiling a new campaign featuring him.

"There was absolutely no moment where we said we should pull him out of the campaign," Adrienne Lofton, senior vice president for brand marketing at Under Armour, told the New York Times.

A career year from Stephen Curry and the explosion of golf sensation Jordan Spieth have also helped build Under Armour into a clear competitor to Nike. Under Armour has surpassed Adidas for the No. 2 spot in North America.

And Brady's only getting richer for it.

As part of the company's Investor Day on Wednesday, it announced that Curry had signed an extension through 2024. When the market closed Wednesday, Under Armour shares were at $103.36, its all-time high.

As TheBigLead points out, there's no guarantee that Brady's earned all of the capital gains suggested by Under Armour's rise. For one, there are no public disclosures detailed the value of Under Armour's stock at the time it was transferred to Brady or the number of shares, so the valuations are only estimates.

Brady also might have sold some or all of his UA stock, although it seems unlikely that he would have unloaded all of it.

And, while it's a huge percentage gain, Under Armour's rise might not have impacted Brady's income the way it would, say, almost any other human. He made an estimated $31 million last year, and that's far behind Gisele's $47 million.

So Brady's rich regardless, but as a business move, it was a smart one.

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