Miss Georgia Betty Cantrell won the Miss America pageant Sunday night, despite a boggling answer to a question about Tom Brady and Deflategate.

Cantrell's response:

"Did he cheat? That's a really good question, I’m not sure. I think I'd have to be there to see the ball and to feel it to make sure if it was deflated or not deflated, but if there was any question there then yes, I think he cheated. If there was any question to be had, I think that he definitely cheated and he should have been suspended for that. That's not fair."

To recap the progression:

  • Not sure.
  • Would need physical evidence.
  • Think he cheated.
  • Definitely cheated.

That's quite an evolution in just 20 seconds. It's the pageant of equivalent of "I voted for it before I voted against it."

Perhaps the upside for Cantrell is that she can use this moment to be excused from jury duty. If she can conclude that someone is "definitely" guilty because he or she has been accused of a crime, no way Cantrell lasts during voir dire.

In fairness to Cantrell, the question from judge Brett Eldredge, the country singer, was silly. Other judges asked about more substantive topics like government funding of Planned Parenthood, the GOP presidential candidates, banning assault weapons and which woman should be put on the new $10 bill.

But Cantrell's response generated lots of buzz, and ultimately the Miss America pageant is in the entertainment business, which is all about drawing a crowd.

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