Charlotte McKinney's role in the spoof movie trailer of "A Gronking to Remember" has earned plenty of attention from fans. The trailer, produced by Funny or Die, features McKinney as the female protagonist who gets the Gronking she has long dreamed of.

The trailer is based on a romance novel of the same name, which was released during the 2014 season and became a big story during the NFL playoffs. Gronkowski himself even became aware of the romance novel and was eager to play along with the joke.

In an interview with For The Win, McKinney explains how she became involved in the video.

"I had met with Funny or Die because I wanted to work with them," McKinney says. "I love all their funny, little concepts ... they finally sent me this script and I thought it was pretty funny, so we approved it and we did it."

McKinney fondly recalled her time shooting the video with Gronkowski, who behaved just as you would expect.

"Off-set with Gronk was pretty hilarious," McKinney says. "He had all of his crew with him: His dad, his managers, his friends and they were all just like giving him crap all the time. He's just a big, funny dude."

The model also had some advice for professional athletes who spend a lot of time in the spotlight -- and sometimes earn criticism for how they portray themselves in social media.

And that advice applies to her leading man.

"Everyone's always on me about social media because I don't post enough," McKinney says. "But I would just say quality over quantity. Good material, reaching out to your fan base. Avoid posting when you drink. That's probably a good idea: Gronk, I'm talking to you."

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