Jennifer Aniston married boyfriend Justin Theroux in a quiet ceremony in early August. The shockwave of excitement that rippled through celebrity gossip circles inspired some melancholy from one of the NFL's biggest stars.

For J.J. Watt, Aniston's wedding marked the end of a dream Watt had held for years: To one day marry the actress, whom he had the pleasure of finally meeting earlier this summer:

I'm not even going to try to pretend like I acted cool when this happened. #LifeMade

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During a sideline interview at Houston's preseason game against New Orleans, Watt told Erin Andrews he had caught word of the ceremony, and he's working to recover.

She got married a couple weeks ago," he joked. "So I'm heartbroken and I'm moving on, but I understand.

It would seem that Watt's efforts to woo the former Friends star didn't progress much beyond this 2011 tweet:

Which, while ostensibly sincere, probably faded quickly into the ether comprised of thousands of tweets by other desiring, anonymous men.

Maybe next time Watt sacks Aaron Rodgers, he can ask for some tips on picking up Hollywood celebrities -- Rodgers is dating actress Olivia Munn. Until then, Watt will have to settle for his daydreams, and hope his next crush isn't also lost to matrimony. Maybe the whole Caroline Wozniacki thing works out.

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