Matt Barnes spent the past fve seasons in Los Angeles, two with the Lakers and three with the Clippers, so he ought to know a bit about the Hollywood media. Apparently, he must have forgot about how cruel Rihanna can be.

TMZ has been tracking a possible Barnes-Rihanna relationship and cited two dates the potential couple went on. On Friday, TMZ questioned Barnes' ex-wife and star of "Basketball Wives LA," Gloria Govan, about the item. An upbeat Govan said she was fine with the relationship as long as Rihanna provides some benefits. "Bitch, better have my tickets," she said.

On Sunday morning, TMZ found Barnes and asked the man himself about any relationship. Barnes said he and Rihanna are "just friends," but they are "past the crush stage," and there is potential for something more. He said his move to the Memphis Grizzlies this season will not be a barrier, as, "She's rich. We'll be all right."

Apparently this was news to Rihanna, and she went all "Disturbia" on Barnes with this Instagram post:

Boom. Someone get Barnes an umbrella for protection. There is no love found in a hopeless place for those two.

It is almost like Barnes forgot Rihanna absolutely owned J.R. Smith.

Unfortunately for Govan, although she may have a cordial relationship with her ex-husband, her chances at free Rihanna concert tickets just took a big hit.

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