Luis Suarez has bitten three opposing players. Let that sink in for a second (no pun intended): Three times, he has chosen to express frustration on the soccer pitch by digging his teeth into other players.

At last summer's FIFA World Cup, the Uruguayan striker was suspended for four months after biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. Suarez rebounded to score 25 goals in 43 total appearances in his 2014-15 debut season with Barcelona. Suarez finished second in UEFA Best Player in Europe voting, behind teammate Lionel Messi.

When Messi won his award last week at the Champions League drawing, Suarez tried to snatch it away. A video shows Suarez pretending to bite Messi.

The fake bite is all in good fun, as Suarez can now joke about his biting escapades, although, this probably would be funnier if he'd only committed one bite, rather than three.

Messi has not exactly been well-behaved himself. This summer, he received a yellow card for a head-butt in a match against Roma.

Barcelona won both of its first two matches in La Liga in 2015-16. The club is also attempting to defend its Champions League crown.

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