49ers Stadium

Last year, the 49ers' brand-new Levi's Stadium had a problem with its turf -- chunks of grass and dirt so large and uneven that players were at risk of rolling ankles and suffering injuries.

The team thought that problem was fixed during the offseason. But it wasn't. The 49ers were forced to cancel a public practice in the stadium, which is scheduled to host Super Bowl 50 on Feb. 7, 2016, due to divots and other problems resulting from the loose turf.

The team moved the public session to its practice facility to give the grass more time to take root and strengthen.

But the turf is far behind the progress the team has expected -- and for a stadium that claims to be the most technologically advanced in the country, it's something of an embarrassment.

"We remain confident that our turf management program will provide a playing surface that meets the team's standards, as we enter the 2015 NFL season," said the team's VP of stadium operations in a statement.

Even so, the turf is creating headaches. New 49ers coach Jim Tomsula had wanted to hold all eight training camp practices in Levi's Stadium, according to the Sacramento Bee. Instead, only two practices have been held in its home stadium.

Meanwhile, there's concern that the turf has actually gotten worse from 2014. After some initial troubles, the grass held together fairly well for the regular season.

But now, the turf actually seems to have gotten worse, despite changes to the soil composition that were believed to have helped the grass hold together.

Levi's Stadium has hosted plenty of non-football events, including major concerts, but new grass has been laid down since all the wear and tear suffered over the summer. Stadium management is under fire to solve the issue fast before the turf gives way in regular-season games.

If the grass doesn't hold, angry players will surely hold the team accountable.

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