Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is well-known as a football fan. The billionaire apparently enjoys it in all forms: This past weekend, he took in a local Legends Football League game in Omaha, Nebraska, where he lives.

But the Legends Football League isn't like your other non-NFL football leagues. For one, it's the rebranded Lingerie Football League: Its players wear shoulder pads over the tops of cleavage-flaunting sports bras, and players take the field in their underwear.

At any rate -- somehow, the Omaha Heart managed to get Buffett into the arena for a game, enjoying the show from his corporate suite. Beforehand, though, he visited the team's locker room and delivered an upbeat pep talk that referenced his days at Nebraska and offered up some playful coaching to the delighted team:

Not what you'd call a rousing speech (and the Heart lost 26-0 to the Chicago Bliss) but we assume the team is tasked with doing the rousing.

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