Missing since July 19, the father of PGA Tour golfer Billy Hurley has been found alive and well.

That's the good news. The bad news: The mystery of his absence is far from solved.

Hurley asked for the public's help earlier this week in locating his father, who had collected a bunch of cash and driven away from his Leesburg, Virginia home in his truck. The family hadn't heard from him.

After nine days, Hurley went public and called on his father to contact the family.

Willard Hurley never reached out. But a private citizen who had seen the man's photo in the news found the retired police officer in a library in Clarksville, Texas -- 1,200 miles away from home.

He called local police, who visited Willard and confirmed his identity.

The officers also said Willard was traveling of his own accord and fit to take care of himself. He told the officers he was merely traveling, and preferred not to discuss why he had left the family's home.

That puts to rest fears that Willard had been injured or was seeking to harm himself. But it's clear Willard Hurley is trying to run away from his family, for reasons we still don't know.

While this offers some comfort and assurance to his family, the underlying issues seem far from resolved.

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