Andy Kennedy faces a tall task at Ole Miss, and only part of that challenge is winning on the basketball court. Drumming up support from a football-first fan base is a continual challenge throughout most of the SEC, particularly at schools not named Florida and Kentucky.

Fan support is much more than just ticket revenue, too -- it's an important recruiting tool for the program. So it makes sense that Rebels head coach Andy Kennedy would be eager to try something new in letting Ole Miss fans know his team exists.

That he chose to parody the DirecTV commercials starring Rob Lowe is all the better for the rest of us onlookers.

"Randy" Kennedy, Andy Kennedy's self from an alternate universe, is everything you'd hope: Be-wigged, be-moustached, and sporting too-tight shorts with a polo T-shirt tucked in snug.

Randy doesn't look like the kind of guy you want your children spending time around, but he's no-nonsense, a throwback from a different time when basketball coaches doubled as gym teachers, and when leisure suits were regarded as semi-classy attire.

Randy should not be a college basketball coach, but he should very much be known to the world -- and for this commercial, we give thanks.

Lowe gave a thumbs up for Kennedy's performance:


In case you just emerged from your basement fallout shelter after several years spent anticipating a nuclear winter, here's one of the Lowe spots:

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