Brazilian soccer star Neymar received a hefty four-game suspension for headbutting Jeison Murillo of Colombia in last month's Copa America. That meant he could not play with his team for any international matches during that time.

When we think of suspensions, we'd associate them with the lack of freedom. However, Neymar made the most of his down time from the national team.

After Copa America was over, he made the trip to Las Vegas. Sounds like a fun suspension already.

There, he ran into Michael Jordan and couldn't pass up the photo opportunity.

Neymar didn't stop there. He also ran into Houston Rockets teammates James Harden and Trevor Ariza and spent time in their poolside cabana. Continuing his celebrity tour, he also ran into Vitor Belfort and Lyoto Machida at UFC 189.

To top his suspension-induced adventure, he met U.S. Women's National Team member Christen Press at Encore Beach Club. He certainly wasn't sitting at home thinking about the headbutt.

He wore this shirt on the last day of his trip. He certainly lived up to that slogan.

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