Los Angeles is a long way from Indiana. For Roy Hibbert, the culture shock has surely come in the form of paparazzi that follow him around and ask him inane questions at all hours.

Occasionally, though, an enlightening -- or at least entertaining -- moment comes from these tedious interactions.

As he left a building recently in L.A., Hibbert revealed to TMZ an intriguing challenge he faces as a man standing more than 7 feet tall. Surely there are many plights to choose from.

Hibbert's quick answer: Roller coasters.

"I can't go on any roller coasters," Hibbert says to TMZ, noting that it's been years since he's gone to a Six Flags or any other amusement park.

No doubt, while other children went on death-defying loops and plunges through the air overhead, Hibbert was stuck riding the nearby merry-go-round on a seat so short he had both feet planted flat on the ground.

Don't feel too bad for Hibbert: As a very tall man who also happens to be very rich, he avoids some of the more troubling height-related challenges suffered daily by the laypeople.

As anyone taller 6 feet can attest, the legroom afforded coach passengers on airplanes is oppressive enough as it is.

Hibbert would have a heck of a time fitting his giant limbs into those tightly packed spaces. Lucky for him, he's sprawled out somewhere in first class, if not a private jet. It's a hard life, but it's not that hard.

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