Even the brash promoters who were spewing astronomical hype before the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight had one thing wrong.

Mayweather won't make $180 million or even $200 million for the megabout. No, he'll make more.

Darren Rovell and Dan Rafael of ESPN reported Wednesday that the man nicknamed "Money" will take in between $220 million and $230 million for the May 2 bout. That means Mayweather will have earned as much in 36 minutes as Peyton Manning has earned in career salary.

Even though Pacquiao had to settle for a 60-40 split, he didn't make out too bad. He'll take home around $150 million, which is more than LeBron James has been paid in his career.

But Pacquiao will have to pay his promoter, Bob Arum, a hefty chunk of that money. Mayweather owns his promotion company so he gets to keep all of his earnings.

What's more, Rovell and Rafael write that Pacquiao may have to give back even more of the money because of a slate of lawsuits against him. There have been more than 40 lawsuits filed against Pacquiao and others involved in the fight because Pacquiao did not discloser his shoulder injury before fans purchase the match on pay-per-view.

The fight generated $600 million in revenue, by far the most lucrative boxing match of all time.

Mayweather isn't just the highest paid athlete in the world; he's the richest celebrity. His $300 million in earnings over the past year is more than triple what Taylor Swift made.

With a hefty new check coming Mayweather's way, fans can expect to see plenty more gaudy Instagram posts like these:

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