This is what a case of the Mondays looks like.

As the Tour de France set up for its stage departure from Utrecht, Netherlands, barricades were set up along the race path to clear a way for the oncoming cyclists. But for a Dutch postal worker delivering mail via bike, this blockade cut off his regular delivery route.

Calmly, the man approached the metal fence, placed his mail bag and then his bicycle on the other side. And then he lost his mind tearing down the gate, creating a frenzy that was caught on video:

According to the DailyMail, the postal worker pointed to an approaching female race official and warned that he would knock her teeth out. He then yelled "F* off you imbecile" as two male officials approached him from behind.

The Netherlands' national postal service commented on the matter, ascribing the man's behavior to the combined stresses of working in the heat, dealing with the Tour de France traffic, and picking up some of his colleague's work along with his own regular deliveries.

We know someone who feels the same way:

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