Drake is never one to shy away from the spotlight, especially at sporting events. If you've got a courtside seat, he's got a fanny ready to work -- and it's better when he gets to chat it up with Mark Wahlberg and other types.

Drake is such a sucker for sports that he's somehow become the unofficial mascot of Toronto's NBA team. Now, he's doing work across the pond, snapping pictures with any remotely famous person he can get his hands on.

It's unclear if he's watched any tennis, but he's got plenty of proof he was in attendance, starting with this picture with tennis legend John McEnroe:

Johnny Mack!!!

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Drake also grabbed an Instagram moment with Novak Djokovic, who is currently ranked No. 1 in the world:

Novak in the cut.

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But when it came time to pose with women's tennis star Billie Jean King, Drake was beaten to the social media punch -- King was the one to post proof of their physical coming-together:

The whole "Drake likes sports" thing is getting a little exhausting, but we have some great ideas to breathe life into the whole production. Drake needs to start showing up at less media-laden events: think the College World Series, the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Then he makes his way to truly bizarre settings: Rooting on Team USA at the World Softball championships, decked out in Canadian attire while rooting on his country's crew team at the Olympics. Eventually the Internet gets hold of a grainy image of Drake standing in the first row at a championship cricket match between India and Sri Lanka.

Because if you're going to become a parody of yourself, at least do it well, Drake.

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