The real hard work for Carli Lloyd started after the midfielder finished her virtuoso three-goal performance against Japan in the World Cup final.

Lloyd, who earned the Golden Ball Trophy as best player of the tournament, said she got 372 text messages after leading the Americans to a victory over the Japanese.

Responding to all of those messages probably kept Lloyd up all night. Hopefully she managed to avoid any injuries caused by spending too much time on one's phone.

For perspective, New England Patriots cornerback Kyle Arrington said he got 148 texts after his squad won the Super Bowl. That's a ton, but still 224 less than Lloyd.

Lloyd, 32, is deserving of all the praise and congratulations she got in those messages. She scored two goals in the first five minutes of the game and then added a magnificent third goal from midfield. The New Jersey native finished the tournament with six goals and one assist.

The insane amount of text messages is one way to measure Lloyd's rising star. Another is her increase in Twitter followers -- she picked up 50,000 during the World Cup final.

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