A four-minute boxing video has gone viral, and debate about bullying and parenting continues to fuel it.

The backstory to the clip is that a father was apparently upset with his son's bullying of other kids. To teach a lesson, the dad put his son in the boxing ring against a more experienced fighter.

The result was predictable and brutal, but there is a good chance the son has a new appreciation for what it is like to be a bullying victim. Tough love.

The clip was loaded to YouTube at the beginning of the week, and at the time of this posting, it had nearly 3 million views.

TMZ took a closer look at it and noticed that former NFL star Willie McGinest was at ringside for this beatdown, and he was shooting video on his own on his phone.

At the 1:30 mark of the YouTube video, you can see McGinest capturing the action while taunting the bully, "Hit back, tough guy! Hit back, tough guy!"

TMZ also reported that McGinest "just happened to be in the gym that day" at Jack Rabbit Fitness in Long Beach and "had no role in organizing the event." Here is additional footage that TMZ compiled:

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