Two members of the U.S. Women's Soccer team have an unusual roommate: TNT basketball commentator Jeff Van Gundy.

OK, technically, Van Gundy and his wife have a couple of house guests at their Houston home. The arrangement occurred after Van Gundy learned of a host-family program set up to support members of the Houston Dash, a franchise in the National Women's Soccer League.

National team members Morgan Brian, 22, and Meghan Klingenberg, 26, play for the Dash, and Van Gundy was quick to open his home to the two athletes when he found out about the opportunity.

As Van Gundy tells Laken Litman of USA Today's For The Win, the arrangement has been a very rewarding one.

"I can't tell you how fortunate we are," Van Gundy says. "You don't know when you have people, but the example they set and also for me having been in the NBA for a long time, they just have a different perspective because they've never had it easy. And it's interesting to watch them.

"They're just really excited about the opportunities and how they go about it is impressive."

Van Gundy also noticed that the mindset and attitude of female professional athletes was far different than what he's experienced as an NBA commentator and former coach.

"The utter lack of sense of entitlement was actually startling for me," Van Gundy says. "For professional athletes, I always think about it in these terms: the most difficult diva of women's soccer would be the easiest NBA player ever."

Needless to say, Van Gundy and his family have had a blast supporting the USWNT in this year's World Cup. They have a vested interest not only in women's soccer, but also in their house guests, who have come to function as members of the family.

"I'm involved in all their family activities and invited to everything," says Klingenberg, who is in her second season staying with the Van Gundys. "I go to the little one's cabarets and sit with the family, go out to dinner, sometimes I cook for them because they're not super into cooking.

"It's really a great family dynamic because it's nice being able to come home from soccer and not having to talk about soccer, think about soccer, be around soccer anymore."

Van Gundy's daughters Mattie, 19, and Grayson, 11, aren't soccer players but they've become big fans.

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