Forgive Tim K., if he's a bit pessimistic about this whole "marriage" thing. It's just that, he didn't realize he was going to have to give up golf. And now that his wife's nipped that hobby in the bud, he can't help but be a little bitter about the whole arrangement.

In what sounds like a fake ad but is more likely an actual, earnest post, Tim K. is looking to sell his prized golf clubs to some lucky North Carolina resident. They're fantastic clubs, and he'll be the first person to say so. He loves his clubs, which are Mizuno JPX 825 irons. But they're of no use to him now, since, as he tells it, his new wife won't let him play golf anymore.

"Actually, she won't let me do anything fun anymore."

The full listing, courtesy of Golf Channel, is worth reading.

Tim K.'s biggest hope is that the clubs -- which he's used only four times -- go to someone who has more of a spine and won't let someone else dictate what he does with his time.

"Preferably I'd like to sell them to a single guy who has no intention of ever getting married, but I know that's not completely fair."

Nothing in life ever is, Tim.

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