After his brilliant performance in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Matthew Dellavedova shouldn't have to worry about missing the team bus again.

Dellavedova told CNN's Rachel Nichols that after his team lost Game 1 of the series, he missed the final call for the bus and was forced to find another way back to the team hotel.

As a sign of just how unrecognizable Dellavedova was until Sunday, the Uber driver did not identify the man he was driving.

"I was just talking to my family after the game, just happened to miss the bus," Dellavedova said. “He didn’t know [who I was] but we had a bit of a chat [about the game]."

The thought of the 24-year-old having to call for an Uber made for at least one humorous meme:

Dellavedova's Uber balance wasn't the only part of his life that took a drastic change after Game 1. The second-year man was forced into the starting role for Cleveland after Kyrie Irving fractured his kneecap. And not only did Dellavedova start, he played admirably in helping Cleveland even the series at 1-1.

Dellavedova held Stephen Curry to an 0-for-8 mark when he was guarding the NBA's MVP. And even though he didn't have a great offensive performance, Dellavedova did hit the game-winning free throws in overtime.

Afterwards Dellavedova snapped this photo from a much-deserved ice bath:

Recovery ice baths.. 1-1, work to be done.. #ALLinCLE

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James made sure Dellavedova didn't have to call another Uber after Game 2:

As for what he changed between Game 1 and Game 2, Dellavedova forgot to mention "listening for last call."

"I just tried to make sure I was really hydrated," Dellavedova told reporters. "That was probably the main thing."

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