Jose Canseco has burned his fair share of bridges, but he's ready to turn over a new leaf -- and that starts with apologizing to some of the people he's wronged.

In a hilarious video collaboration with Slow Clap, the two-man team that brings in professional athletes to pull off interesting and often hilarious feats, Canseco brainstorms various ways he can apologize to former MLB stars who were named in his tell-all memoir, "Juiced," as being rampant users of steroids.

Canseco is a good sport in the video, entertaining ideas as bizarre and hilarious as sending a singing telegram -- a suggestion he politely declines.

But when Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is brought up, Canseco's soft side disappears.

"Hell no, f*** him, I can't stand that guy, I'd rather kick his ass," Canseco says. "He's a liar, he hit on my wife, he lied to the media, he lied to the media about me -- the only thing I would do for him is beat his ass in an MMA ring.

"So that's an open challenge to Alex: Get your ass in there, meet me in the ring so I can inflict some torture on you. I'm dead serious about this."

But Canseco took a far more gentle approach with Mark McGwire, complimenting him for being the only former player to actually tell the truth during congressional meetings about PED use in baseball.

Canseco is diligent in writing the poem, but as the video shows, delivering it is a whole different challenge.

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