The Kardashian-Jenner clan already includes an Olympic gold medalist, a supermodel and a rapper. But if Caitlyn Jenner had her way, it may have also included a Masters champion.

Jordan Spieth, the second-youngest man to ever win a green jacket, told ESPN's Jason Sobel that Jenner once tried to set him up with her daughter, Kendall.

At the time Jenner was known as Bruce and Spieth was unfamiliar with the gold medalist from the 1976 Olympics.

It's unclear when this anecdote occurred, but it likely wasn't anytime in the recent past. Both Jenner and her daughter have been staples in the news, as Caitlyn was the subject of several high profile television specials during her gender transition and Kendall is s burgeoning supermodel.

Kendall has not yet turned 20 years old but she has amassed more than 27 million followers on Instagram. Here's what Spieth missed out on:

you're the worst

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inside @GQ

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Diamonds Are Forever

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Even if Spieth was familiar with the Jenners, it wouldn't have mattered. Spieth and his girlfriend, Annie Verret, have been dating since high school.

Really proud of @annie_verret on an extremely successful college career! #shesgoodlooking #morehairthanme

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Caitlyn Jenner, a big golfer herself, may have to look for a different golf club because the one she has belonged to for 15 years grants different access to men and women.

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