The title of Jake Gyllenhaal's upcoming boxing drama is Southpaw, but the promotional material for the movie suggests it should instead be called Orthodox.

In the film Gyllenhaal plays a fictional, down-and-out boxer named Billy Hope who tries to recover the glory he once achieved in the ring. Because the movie is titled Southpaw, it seems safe to assume that Gyllenhaal's character is a lefty.

In boxing, southpaw fighters lead with their right hand while orthodox boxers lead with their left. But as boxing fans are pointing out on social media, the promotional poster for the film has Gyllenhaal leading with his left hand:

For reference, here's a true southpaw, Manny Pacquiao, leading with his right hand.

And here's the Southpaw poster:

Something seems off. And people are noticing:

Making matters worse, Andrew Joseph of the Arizona Republic notes that one of the trailers for the film has Gyllenhaal knocking out an opponent with his right hand while in an orthodox stance.

Presumably the film, which was overseen by Training Day director Antoine Fuqua and is set to be released on July 24, had a boxing consultant to help with the fighting scenes. So the best case scenario is that this is simply a poor choice of images for the poster and the trailer.

The worst case scenario, it seems, would amount to a pretty embarrassing error throughout the movie.

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