Last year, a group of 3- and 4-year-old girls in Edmond, Oklahoma, were in the same dance class. Some of their mothers wondered if the girls might be interested in softball. To make the sell on softball easier, the moms took a clever approach: Use Frozen as enticement.

The team ended up being called The Freeze. Its uniforms included turquoise shirts and white pants, consistent with Elsa's color choice in the movie.

For the team photo, the girls went for the full Elsa effect, wearing dresses. With eye black. And cleats.

One of the team moms, Betsy Gregory, is a photographer, and she handled the shoot. She wanted to capture some of that fierce Frozen spirit.

As relayed in a column by Jenni Carlson of The Oklahoman, Gregory told the girls to "pretend that your brother stole something from you."

Gregory posted some of the photos on Facebook, and the result was a viral sensation. That wasn't Gregory's intention, but now that it has blown up, she hopes the message is clear. As she told Carlson: "You’re a little girl, and you can do anything. Don’t let people get in your way. Go for it. Wear an Elsa dress and play softball."

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