In February 2014, Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis were in the news because of a reported split.

Flash forward nearly a year and a half, and the couple have once again split. But this time, it was their pizza bill that got broken up.

The former New York Yankees captain and his supermodel girlfriend are vacationing in Rome, where they've been taking in sites like the Spanish Steps and enjoying the finest ice cream the country has to offer.

The couple made headlines during a trip to a pizzeria, where they reportedly split the bill (or, in dating parlance, went "Dutch"). As Jeter is the wealthier of the two (worth a reported $185 million) and also the man, many expect that he covers all meals. But according to a New York Daily News story, that is not the case.

The women on CBS' "The Talk" discussed the story, with audible boos coming from the audience when Jeter's decision was brought up:

Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg also touched on the topic on their ESPN radio show, which angered some listeners:

On Twitter, some people mocked Jeter and others expressed lament that this is even a story:

Both Jeter and Davis paid for the pizza on their AmericanExpress Black Cards.

It's unclear if Jeter has been doing this with all of his dates over the past two decades, but that would presumably have saved him a fortune.

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