The NBA Finals require the utmost effort from everyone on a team: The coaches, players and even the Jumbotron operator.

And whoever is operating the big screen in Cleveland is clearly in playoff mode. When the Finals shifted to Cleveland for Tuesday's Game 3, fans and reporters noticed the JumboTron operator had some creative ways to get fans to be quiet or to boo.

While the JumboTron is a big deal at practically every NBA stadium, it's especially important in Cleveland, which recently installed the largest HD screen in the country. The video board is 5,550 total square feet and nicknamed the "Humongotron."

Here's what the Humongotron shows during Cavs free throws:

And here's what the videoboard shows when imploring fans to boo:

This isn't the first time the Cavs have shown the Steelers quarterback on their Jumbotron in an attempt to get fans to boo, but it was especially awkward Tuesday for the handful of Pittsburgh Steelers players in attendance. According to social media accounts, Antonio Brown, Will Allen, Cam Heyward and Stephon Tuitt were at the game.

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