Cam Newton knows it may not be the best idea for him to continue playing "Knockerball," but by the looks of it, the game is just too fun for the Pro Bowl quarterback to quit.

For those who aren't familiar, Knockerball is a game in which two people put on heavily padded plastic balls and run full force at each other. Here's Newton playing a few months ago:


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It's not hard to see how someone could get injured playing Knockerball. And if that someone was a franchise quarterback who recently signed a $100 million contract extension, well, there are more than a few people within and outside the Carolina organization that might be upset.

Nevertheless, Newton was spotted playing Knockerball recently at his first annual "Kick It With Cam" kickball tournament in Charlotte. He can be seen in this video going head-to-head with Carolina Panthers wide receiver Corey Brown.

Newton better hope Brown doesn't hold that hit against him come football season.

And this next hit is even worse. Newton crushes some poor soul so hard that his or her shoe falls off:

Cam is MEAN with the bubble.

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It's clear Newton is having a blast while destroying the dreams of his Knockerball opponents, and at 6-foot-5 and 250 pounds, he probably wins more than he loses. But considering that during the past 15 months he's had ankle surgery and fractured his ribs in a car accident, some think he should avoid anything that might result in another injury.

ESPN's David Newton in April asked the Panthers' organization what it thinks about Newton playing Knockerball. Their response wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement:

"We have no comment. Thanks."

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