LeBron James loves to remind fans that he's an Akron boy and remains loyal to his hometown. With the NBA Finals just hours away, rival superstar Stephen Curry is here to remind James that he, too, is just another kid from Akron.

As it turns out, James and Curry were both born in the same Akron, Ohio hospital just 1,190 days apart. Curry's father, Dell, was playing for the Cavaliers at the time.

Now he's the reigning NBA MVP for the Golden State Warriors, who are facing off with LeBron's Cavs with the title on the line, and Curry has his own thoughts about giving the people of Akron what they deserve.

Both may have Akron birth certificates, but a little context is needed here. LeBron lived his whole childhood in the city and maintains a relationship with the community. Curry moved away before he turned 1.

James came back to Cleveland in free agency, saying he was returning home. Curry? He seems pretty happy enjoying the warm weather and sunny skies in Oakland.

Is there any chance Akron is rooting on the Warriors? Doubtful. But if Curry only meant this as an entertaining dig at James, job well done.

By the way, if you're wondering where you've heard Akron mentioned before, you might be recalling George Costanza's fateful trip to the Ohio city just for the sake of delivering a thoughtful punchline:

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