Tiger Woods' potty mouth has been well-documented by fans and golf observers, and it turns out the FCC is well aware of his behavior.

According to records acquired by Golf.com, 70 percent of the FCC complaints targeting broadcasts of the PGA Tour have referred to incidents of Woods swearing on broadcast television.

If you're familiar with Woods, you're well aware that he can be a bit of an angry golfer. Even so, some fans of golf are frustrated that they have to deal with his harsh language on television. Multiple complaints cite the presence of young viewers when arguing that action should be taken by the FCC to curb Woods' swearing.

"My 11 year old daughter enjoys watching golf with her Dad," writes one golf fan. "No more, as long as Tiger's playing! I've been aware of his anger management problem for years, having heard it in person at tournaments. However, when a network chooses to air him without a delay, I have to keep my daughter away.

"She did not know the 'GD' word until today."

And one of the less articulate complaints:

"Tiger Woods used very'very,profane 4 letter word.This was viewed by millons.This was during the PGA Masters tournment.Bobby Jones is turning over in his Grave."

It would seem that the easy fix is to air golf tournaments on a delay, giving broadcasters time to censor the language. Nevertheless, there's no evidence that the FCC has taken action against the PGA Tour or the networks airing tournaments, so there's probably no reason to expect change anytime soon.

Here are the rest of the complaints, courtesy of Golf.com:

Complaints Made to the FCC during PGA Tour Telecasts

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