Two old-timers got together one last time last night: In his final few weeks as host of "The Late Show," David Letterman was treated to an appearance by the legendary Harry Caray.

Granted, it was Will Ferrell reprising his famous impression of Caray, who passed away in 1998. Ferrell made the character famous while a cast member on SNL, and he brought out Caray to say goodbye to Letterman, who is leaving late night television on May 20.

Ferrell has been a frequent guest of Letterman's, and his Caray bit has visited the set several times as well. In fact, earlier this year Ferrell was on The Late Show to talk about his spring training feat of playing 10 baseball positions in a single day. While on the show -- and dressed as a leprechaun, since it was St. Patrick's Day -- Ferrell was quick to bring back Caray yet again:

Maybe Caray has it in him to make one last cameo appearance before Letterman's run ends. If not, his visit to Late Night was a great moment in comedy and sports.

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