"Pitch Perfect 2" is a musical sequel that follows the exploits of a female a cappella group vying for a coveted international award, but don't mislabel it as a niche movie. Its predecessor grossed more than $115 million at the box office, proving the movie has broad appeal.

So broad, in fact, that professional athletes feel no shame about professing their excitement for the movie. Russell Westbrook wasn't willing to wait -- he was there for the premiere of the film and had the chance to meet the female ensemble, including stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson.

Saw #PitchPerfect2 last night and my girls killed it!!! Comes out May 15th go see it #whynot

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Part of the sporting world's tie to "Pitch Perfect 2" is that it features a significant appearance by a number of Green Bay Packers, who sing and perform during the final number in the song. According to People Magazine, the decision to bring in pro athletes for a cameo stemmed from the original movie's popularity among athletes.

"I've found that a lot of athletes relate to both the drama and the hilarity that comes from meshing individual personalities into a collective team as it prepares to take the field and compete," director Elizabeth Banks told ThePostGame.

Six Green Bay Packers players made their Hollywood debut in Friday's highly anticipated Pitch Perfect 2, and producer Max Handelman revealed how Banks (his wife), Twitter and months of rehearsals made it all happen.

"We had heard online that there were a number of pro athletes who were big fans of Pitch Perfect," Handelman, a former Fox Sports executive and author of Why Fantasy Football Matters: (And Our Lives Do Not), told People. "We came to learn that the primary fans were these Green Bay Packers."

When Banks was tabbed to direct the sequel, she made contact with some of the more vocal members of the Packers, including David Bakhtiari, who had enjoyed the movie with his wife and offered his involvement in any way Banks could use him. Through Bakhtiari, Banks was able to wrangle the involvement of six Packers, including perennial Pro Bowler Clay Matthews.

Here's Anna Kendrick talking about the involvement of the Packers players:

Banks, who told ThePostGame in 2011 that she was a devoted New England Patriots fan, worked with her husband on how the players could be incorporated, eventually choosing to have them perform a song-and-dance rendition of Beyonce's "Bootylicious."

Before the movie was even released in theaters, Bakhtiari was already celebrating the fruits of his involvement in the movie.

Naturally, this sort of cameo is prone to cause jealousy among other athletes who were not invited to participate. Dallas Mavericks forward Chandler Parsons was among those feeling shortchanged.

Meanwhile, other noted "Pitch Perfect" fans are sprinkled throughout pro sports. While Lakers star Kobe Bryant hasn't said anything about the upcoming sequel, he was apparently a big fan of the first movie, even connecting with Rebel Wilson on Twitter.

Raptors guard Kyle Lowry appeared with the cast in a promo for ESPN's coverage of the NBA playoffs.

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