Ronda Rousey is having trouble dating. It's a problem many men would be happy to solve for her, but then that's also the reason for her troubles in the first place.

According to a profile from Jon Wertheim for Sports Illustrated, Rousey is still coming to terms with some aspects of her newfound fame. The undefeated bantamweight champion has discovered one notable way she differs from her less-famous friends: she can't use Tinder to meet other men.

In fact, Rousey has tried before, using an alter-ego named Brynn Campbell. It didn't work: other Tinder users quickly figured out who she was.

"Rousey, 28, is left on the sideline at home with [her dog] Mochi," writes Wertheim. "'S—,' she says, 'the only person I’m making out with is my dog.'"

What's clear is that Rousey doesn't want any romantic interest from men attracted to her celebrity. Of course, she could protect herself fairly well by threatening an arm bar on anyone who tries any funny business.

The good news for some men, though, is that Rousey appears to be abundantly available, if a little inaccessible. Should you find Rousey on Tinder, or manage to score a date through some other opportunity, here's a tip, via TMZ: Go with the hot wings.

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