Even though he's currently in a relationship, Rob Gronkowski is a big fan of Tinder. Now, he wants to help others find the romance they're looking for.

In a short interview with ESPN Radio, Gronk outlines three key best practices for drawing interest and connecting with others through Tinder.

Rule No. 1: Always swipe right. Always.

Rule No. 2: A good pickup line is essential.

Finally, Rule No. 3: Use a shirtless photo to prove you've got the goods.

"You got to write something crazy like … 'Hey, do you work out? Because I'm ripped, I'm jacked' and then send them a picture with your shirt off and they'll be like 'woah, this guy's serious, I like him."

Gronkowski's third rule is clearly directed at men, although he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would scoff at a female taking the same approach.

Even if Gronk was on the market, though, Tinder isn't a great outlet for him. The tight end says he tried it once in the past but no one believed he was telling the truth about his identity. (Ronda Rousey had the opposite problem.)

It's tough being Gronk.

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