Another trip to Las Vegas for Rob Gronkowski meant more partying, more dancing and, of course, more spiking a cake shaped like a football onto one of his brothers' heads.

The New England Patriots' Pro Bowl tight end has not stopped partying since his team won the Super Bowl on Feb. 1. He's partied in Los Angeles, Miami and Las Vegas, among other places.

Along the way he's spiked just about everything in sight.

Gronkowski returned to Las Vegas over the weekend to get an early start on his birthday celebrations. In preparation for his 26th birthday on May 14, Gronkowski threw what looks like quite the party.

In what has become a Las Vegas tradition, Gronkowski spiked a cake onto the head of one of his brothers. Here he is on Saturday:

And here he is in March:

Worry not, cake lovers, as Gronkowski had another cake ready for him on Saturday.

During the party Gronkowski donned a wig that made him look like Redfoo from LMFAO:

It wasn't such a fun week for all of Gronkowski's Patriots' teammates, as the NFL's Deflategate report targeted Tom Brady and tarnished the legacy of the best quarterback of this generation.

Here's what Gronkowski had to say last week about the controversy:

There were some footballs at Gronkowski's party, but they were definitely inflated:

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