A man was clogging up the golf course near New Haven, Connecticut, and a group of golfers stuck waiting behind him decided they were fed up.

But when they complained to the man, they got something even bigger to complain about. According to news reports, the man whipped out a firearm from underneath his clothes.

A clear violation of golf etiquette.

Allegedly, the man initially walked back to his golf cart and grabbed a gun, and then tucked it under his clothing. He then pulled his shirt up to show the weapon to the complaining group of golfers.

In New Britain, a man brought a gun onto a golf course.

Posted by New Britain Herald on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

After seeing the gun, the group notified the golf shop, who called police. Police arrived and arrested the man, who did not put up a fight. He also had a valid permit for his firearm, although both the weapon and permit were seized by police.

The man has been charged with breach of peace and second-degree threatening. A small price to pay, perhaps, for playing golf at whatever pace you want.

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