If fans want to storm the court after a win in the Big 12 Conference next season, their team will pay a high price for it -- and fans may get socked as well. The conference announced new rules that give the Big 12 the power to punish schools who let crowds rush the court, starting with a $5,000 fine to the school.

Repeat offenders face harsher consequences: $25,000 the second time, and $50,000 the third.

In addition, the Big 12 can use such incidents to take a home game away from a school in an upcoming season -- a huge loss that not only toughens the schedule of the school, but takes away a home game for fans to enjoy.

"I don't know that there's anything off the table in dealing with those issues," Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby said. "I think I've been given broad prerogatives to deal with those issues."

The Big 12's rules are modeled after similar rules already in effect in the SEC. That league is considering an increase to its tiered punishments, with a first offense resulting in a $50,000 fine to schools.

The specific terms of the Big 12's rules have not been solidified, but the league voted to approval a general outline for the new guidelines.

These rules come as a response to an incident last season, when Kansas State fans stormed the court after a home win over rival Kansas.

Kansas players and coaches found themselves in a dangerous situation: several were pinned against structures beside the court, unable to get away, and one fan body-checked a Kansas player.

The fan later issued a letter of apology, but league officials were concerned with how another similar incident might escalate.

Maybe it sounds like the suits are ruining all the fun, but if we're being honest, the standards for storming the court have become way too loose, anyway -- some fans flood the hardwood over downright mediocre victories.

No one wants to see that. You abuse it, you lose it.

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