No one will give her an honest answer, but Michelle Beadle knows why she was kept out of the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight. She's not upset about it, either.

Beadle credits her last-minute ban to her long history of criticizing Mayweather for his well-documented history of domestic violence. Beadle was not the only such critic barred from entering the fight: CNN/Turner's Rachel Nichols, another prominent reporter who hasn't kept quiet about Mayweather's ugly track record, was also denied entry.

"I have to believe that my outspoken stance had something to do with my credential being pulled for the fight," Beadle writes in a TwitLonger post. "Either that, or the world’s most uncanny coincidence occurred resulting in pulled credentials for at least 3 other members of the media (who also happened to speak out about DV.)"

Beadle details the rapid revision of her opinion on Mayweather, starting with last year's ESPYs, where she hosted the red carpet. Beadle had commented to Mayweather that she loved the way he lived his life, and the backlash on social media was strong, with many people pointing to his instances of domestic violence over the years.

Beadle apologized and swore she would stop supporting an athlete who displayed such egregious behavior. She became one of Mayweather's critics, which she contends led to her ban.

Surprisingly, that action didn't hurt her. If anything, she explains, it offered relief.

"After a week of various national figures bloviating about the greatness of Mayweather, from his prowess in the ring, to his life packed with cars, cash and opulence, I’d had enough," Beadle writes. "Those that pulled my credential were actually doing me a favor.

"I was given a pass to leave an event that already had me feeling uneasy and uncomfortable in my career choice."

Beadle is taking a hard line on Mayweather, with no signs of letting up. She has already announced that, despite her attraction to WWE, she is abandoning pro wrestling because some of its top figures are outspoken Mayweather supporters.

Mayweather can freeze Beadle out all she wants, but don't expect her to be silenced.

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