The Cleveland Cavaliers' series-clinching victory on Tuesday night nearly turned into a nightmare.

Hours after the Cavs finished off a sweep of the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference finals, J.R. Smith posted this video to Instagram:

What more can I say!! ##JustSaying @k1irving @imanshumpertthe1st @perk_409

A video posted by JR Smith (@teamswish) on

In the video the Cavaliers appear to use a move popularized by the rapper Lil B. Yes, this is the same rapper who had beef with Kevin Durant and is in the midst of a fight with James Harden. The Oakland-based rapper, whose real name is Brandon McCartney, says Harden stole his signature "cooking" celebration.

Lil B called Harden out for the celebration and has supposedly put a curse on the Rockets' star.

"Does he know the originator of the cooking celebration?" Lil B wondered aloud in an interview with CBSSports. "You know, I just want to make sure that he pays homage to the artist that created the original work."

Lil B saw Smith's Instagram video and called out the Cavaliers. Fortunately for the team and everyone in the city, Iman Shumpert put out the fire.

Here's the 2010 video which Lil B claims is proof that he invented the cooking celebration. You can decide for yourself whether Harden and the Cavaliers are using his move.

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