Kyle Farnsworth pitched for 16 years on nine different MLB teams, but many sports fans still remember him for one incident.

During a 2003 game between the Chicago Cubs and the Cincinnati Reds, Farnsworth threw inside on pitcher Paul Wilson as Wilson attempted to lay down a bunt. Upset, Wilson had some words for Farnsworth. The 6-foot-4 Farnsworth charged Wilson and tackled him, initiating what many consider to be one of the most memorable baseball brawls of all time.

Here's the video with a nice slow-mo replay of the tackle at the 1:45 mark:

That wasn't Farnsworth's only notable fight. During his stint with the Detroit Tigers he famously body slammed Jeremy Affeldt.

Now retired, Farnsworth is putting those tackling skills to use as a defensive end for the Orlando Phantom, a semi-pro football team. Farnsworth, 39, played football in high school but was forced to stop after his baseball career took off.

"Baseball was just what he was better at," the Phantom coach, Michael Torres, told FOX Sports. "But he said he's always loved football, so I guess he felt like he had to give it a shot."

The Phantom play in the Florida Football Alliance, and while players aren't paid, they take their jobs very seriously.

"We have talented guys who know football," Torres told FOX Sports, "so for [Farnsworth] to be able to come here and play teams from Miami and all over the state and to be blowing by tackles who played college ball, it's pretty impressive. The shape he's in, he looks like a 29-year-old out there."

Farnsworth has played well for the Phantom, recording 11 sacks and 41 tackles through 11 games this season, but he says he's still available if a MLB team is looking for a spare arm:

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