Keeping in mind all the things that Kevin Garnett has headbutted, including Dwight Howard and countless basket stanchions, it perhaps isn't surprising that the "Big Ticket" has gone after a wall with his melon.

What's curious is the impetus that compelled Garnett to knock a hole in the wall of his own house.

In the second part of a wonderful series on Bleacher Report, Howard Beck reveals lots of great Garnett anecdotes. One, told to Beck by Cleveland Cavaliers assistant (and longtime Garnett friend) Tyronn Lue, is particularly entertaining.

Lue, an assistant coach with the Celtics during Garnett's days in Boston, remembers how one episode of "Making the Band" had Garnett feeling enraged:

Tyronn Lue: A lot of people do all their howling on the court and they're faking just for attention, but what he does is genuine. So one day we were at his house and we were watching Puff Daddy's show Making the Band, and in one of the scenes, some new guys came in and were trying to sing and were trying to compete against the guys who had been there. And KG just got so hyped, "Motherf----r, you've got to stand up for yours! You've got to fight! Motherf----r, you've got to come together!" He's going crazy, he's sweaty. And he just head butts the wall and put a hole in the wall of his house.

So, there it is. Proof that Garnett really is cut from a different cloth. It's one thing to be as intense as Garnett is on the court, it's another to take that intensity to a casual viewing of a mediocre MTV show.

While there's no video or photo evidence of Garnett's headbutt, one can imagine it looked something like this:

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