Someone's pranking game is strong. On a day a high school baseball team in Ohio was set to host a doubleheader, the school woke up to an unexpected obstacle.

It wasn't bad weather.

"I got a call from our parks and recreation guy saying that we might have to cancel the doubleheader," said Franklin High athletic director Brian Bales, according to MaxPreps. "The weather was beautiful out, so I asked him what for. He told me there was a 25-foot tree planted between home plate and the pitcher’s mound."

Since the tree was discovered, it has become a viral hit online, and shined a bright spotlight on a town of just 11,000. But it's also caused an obvious disruption for the high school and its baseball team. The tree has since been removed from the field, which is a shame since it was brilliant and hilarious, but also understandable because it's a 25-foot tree set into the infield, and that's no way to play a baseball game.

So far, no one knows who planted the tree. If it was students, they get an extra round of applause for evolving so far beyond petty vandalism and toilet paper sprees.

"I've seen a lot of pranks but that's a new one," Bales said.

But he also made it clear that creativity wouldn't save the pranksters from punishment. Said Bales: "I'm going to look into it, and there will be consequences."

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