His wife is worried about the big picture, but Dwyane Wade has an eye for detail. So when the pair was in the process of planning their wedding, Wade admits that he was very particular about what he wanted.

In an interview on "Late Night with Seth Meyers," Wade describes just how concerned he was with the minutiae of the big day. Most would categorize his degree of involvement as classic Groomzilla: Wade wound up wearing three different outfits in the course of the day, and he picked his own entrance music during his wedding ceremony.

Wade made it clear that he didn't see his wedding as a special day for only his wife, actress Gabrielle Union.

"So you know how they say the wedding is about the woman? No, no (shakes his head). It is about both of us," Wade says. "So I came out to my own song, had my own moment. I had three outfit changes. She had three outfit changes."

Wade insisted that he was so involved in the wedding because, after all, he was the one paying for it. But between his involvement in high fashion and his expensive taste, it's no stretch to think Wade merely wanted to put on a stylish, eye-popping wedding for all of his guests.

If a wedding really is his day as much as his wife's, then it makes sense his fingerprint would be so noticeable. I guess if you decide to marry Dwyane Wade, you shouldn't be surprised that he involves himself in all the wedding decisions.

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