If you're missing a credit card from your wallet, you might want to check with Tsuyoshi Wada. The Chicago Cubs pitcher found one on the baseball field Wednesday night, and he doesn't know who it belongs to.

In this video from the Cubs-Padres game in San Diego, Wada is walking off the field after finishing the inning when something catches his eye. In a scene that would be normal anywhere but on a professional baseball field, he bends down and picks up the credit card.

Wada quickly brought it over to a security guard, but that's far from a mystery solved. Who, exactly, misplaces a credit card on the infield of an MLB park?

The best part of the sequence if the confused face Wada makes when he picks up the credit card and recognizes what it is. It's a far cry from the typical infield debris that typically gets blown or tossed from the stands. Although, if fans were going to pelt you with garbage, you'd probably rather it be credit cards than glass bottles.

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