Not merely an expert on basketball, Charles Barkley spent Sunday evening flexing his many diverse talents and areas of expertise. During the NBA on TNT broadcast, he offered his two cents on the debate over Stephen Curry's daughter and whether players should bring their children to playoff postgame press conferences.

"Reporters are there trying to do their job," Barkley said. "I don't think it’s a big deal but I would prefer they not bring their kids. Reporters are trying to do their job."

After the broadcast was over, Barkley once again found himself as the center of attention. A late-night Jenga match -- because those TV broadcasters know how to party -- put Barkley on the hot seat as the rest of the crew quietly watched:

The funniest part of that video isn't Barkley's expression or the sense that everyone seemed to know he was going to be the one to topple the tower. It's the fact that, for a game of Jenga, that's a pretty short tower. Elementary school kids everywhere are palm-facing themselves after seeing that poor display.

But back to business: Barkley did say several times that he didn't think it was a big deal for Stephen Curry to bring his daughter to the podium, so it doesn't seem like he has a strong opinion either way. He did say, though, that he never would have thought of bringing his daughter to a press conference -- although he played in a different era, where there wasn't a precedent for doing this sort of thing.

Meanwhile, Shaq had a more relaxed take on it, proving once again to be the Yin to Barkley's yang.

Said Shaq: "If that man want to bring his baby to the office, he can."

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