The Pittsburgh Pirates have glaze on their face thanks to an unsavory autocorrect that fans aren't ready to let go.

In advance of the team's promotional partnership with a local Dunkin' Donuts, the team posted to Instagram to spread the word about the upcoming offer. Fans going to this Dunkin' establishment during the promotion would be eligible to receive free Pirates tickets and doughnuts.

Presumably, the Pirates meant to say "a special Pirate donut." Instead, they offered "a sexual Pirate donut."

The team quickly took down the post and tried to scrub away any evidence of the sexual doughnuts offer, but the damage was done. Fans continued to post on social media asking where the sexual doughnuts had gone.

On a post promoting an upcoming "Jersey Day" event, one Instagram user wrote: "#fbf that time we were promised sexual donuts but all we got was this t-shirt."

A quick web search of the term "sexual doughnut" reveals that this is probably not the sort of term major brands want to associate with. The top result not related to the Pirates' current fiasco is a Slate article highlighting Cosmopolitan magazine's most infamous sex tip: Incorporating a real glazed doughnut as a sex toy.

You can read the full explanation of that tip here, if you aren't too shy. Outside of that bedroom innovation, the sexual doughnut is more fantasy than reality. Despite prior promises, the Pittsburgh Pirates want no hand in the matter.

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