To say the least, times are tough for the Washington Redskins.

Not only is the organization facing serious questions about the nature of its name, the team itself has struggled to remain relevant after winning only seven games in the last two years.

And now the Redskins' fans have come under fire for their poor grammar and sloppy writing on the team's website.

With the help of Grammarly, a service which uses algorithms to proofread writing for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, the Wall Street Journal studied the comments of NFL teams' websites. The Journal found that Redskins commenters made an average of 16.5 mistakes per 100 words, which was the worst in the league. New Orleans Saints fans were second at 12.4 mistakes per 100 words.

Here's the complete list of teams that the Journal gathered from Grammarly.

It's hard to pinpoint any reason for Washington fans' struggles, although it is fun to speculate. Perhaps fans are less accurate when they're angry, which Redskins fans have been recently following poor play by their team and its once-savior Robert Griffin III.

Or maybe Redskins fans are so passionate that they overlook spelling and punctuation to make their arguments.

There's no simple correlation between losing and grammar mistakes, as New England Patriots fans had the fourth-most and New York Jets fans had the fourth fewest.

On average, NFL fans make 10 mistakes per 100 words, which according to the Journal is more than NHL and MLB fans (8.2 each) but less than NBA and NASCAR followers (10.3 and 10.5, respectively).

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