Want to take a ride on Rob Gronkowski's legendary party bus? You better start listening to Taylor Swift.

The fun-loving New England Patriots tight end is offering a spot on his personalized party machine, the so-called "Sinners Bus," for one lucky fan who donates to his charity.

But that fan must also meet the strict qualifications for riding the bus, which means more than simply loving to drink. In a new video, Gronkowski goes through a whole list of the qualities he is looking for in partier. Oddly enough, that includes a love of a certain 25-year-old pop star.

Gronkowki's party bus became a pseudo-celebrity during the NFL playoffs, as it followed the Pro Bowler and his Patriots all the way to the Super Bowl. There were some bumps along the road, like when the bus was denied entrance to the parking lot for the Patriots' AFC championship game with the Indianapolis Colts, but the bus emerged unscathed. It even accompanied Gronkowski to Los Angeles for some post-championship partying.

This competition is just more proof that Gronkowski is having one of the best off-seasons of all time. He's spiking everything in sight, chugging lots and lots of adult beverages and hanging out with professional wrestlers:

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