Make fun of Dwight Howard at your own risk. if the contents of his Houston home are any indication, the Rockets star has some screws loose.

According to a profile by Jared Zwerling for Bleacher Report, Howard keeps a very strange home in the Houston area. That's apparent right from entering the front door, where visitors can find a massive, $70,000 fish and snake tank.

In total, Howard owns about 20 pet snakes, and he thinks of them as his children.

"Minnie has this pretty face and these pretty eyes," Howard says of one of his boa constrictors. "And now they have these beautiful babies. They're just all bunched up right now like they love each other [he smiles and hugs himself]. It's so cool to see. I even had a baby monitor for Minnie [when she was pregnant]. You had to watch everything that she did."

Once again, that is Dwight Howard talking about a snake.

The crazy doesn't end there, either. Howard apparently keeps more than 50 guns in his home. Some are for taking to the shooting range, which Howard sees as a quintessential Texas pasttime.

"He also collects, just for show, miniguns and bazookas," writes Zwerling.

Bazookas and boa constrictors. Quite the catch, that Dwight Howard.

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