Ever since Dion Waiters was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2012, fans and analysts alike have likened him to Dwyane Wade.

Both shooting guards have similar builds and share an explosiveness and ability to get to the rim.

The comparison got a little too real recently, when one woman took a photo with Waiters thinking he was Wade. Waiters saw the woman's picture and chided her for her mistake:

A photo posted by @waiters3 on

Waiters included a caption which featured plenty of laughing emojis along with the following hashtags:

"no she wasn't ready!!!! #whenAskingforApicgoWrong
#sheProlligoneSayiplayFORthe #OKC Eagles

Sexism of the comment aside, perhaps it's good that Waiters got a moment of levity following a tough season. After a few turbulent years in Cleveland, Waiters was traded in January to the Oklahoma City Thunder, who fell short of expectations and missed the playoffs due in large part to an injury to Kevin Durant.

Now that Waiters has publicized this poor woman's mistake, the best case scenario for her is that the real Dwyane Wade meets up with her for a photo. That's what Houston Texans running back Arian Foster did for a fan who made a similar error.

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