For some reason, a lot of Americans enjoy spending entire days watching golf on TV.

Lindsey Vonn is not one of those people, and it doesn't matter much that her boyfriend is Tiger Woods.

Appearing on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" on Monday, Vonn made a very telling face when Meyers asked if she was a fan of golf before she met Tiger.

"Do you like watching golf? Is that something you did before [dating Woods]?" Meyer asks.

The expression speaks for itself: No, Seth, and in fact, she despises golf.

Credit Vonn for saving a little face and at least not outright saying how she felt, even if we all know exactly how she feels. After a long, belabored windup, Vonn finally answers, "I love golf." No one believed her, but she stuck to that line.

She did, however, credit herself as being a great girlfriend for supporting Tiger through his five-hour rounds -- especially when, as Meyers notes, her own competition lasts about 90 seconds.

So it's probably a mix of good and bad that Tiger is back from injury and looking decent. It's going to be a long summer, Lindsey.

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